Try not to


Try not to lead me down a road you can’t follow
A mind to mind voltage that leaves the heart wanting
And bodies tingling in tandem
A confluence of rivers that meet to form a single channel
in a world too overwhelming to be navigated by one alone

Try not to let your weak countenance soak up my soul
And promise the rich tapestry of your mind
while denying your body and time
A darkness that can only be lit by your touch
in a moment of climax that becomes a damp squib when you leave

Try not to seep your rainbows into my sky
If you can’t keep them shining
Your colours refracting through the water in my limbs and chest
A spectrum of light that departs once the sun moves
yet a microscopic tear remains

Try not to promise the opening of a door you won’t walk through
A crevice with an ephemeral portal into the unknown
that terrifies with no offers or guarantees
A life of happiness shaken but not yet stirred
an existence unmoved until you walked in

Try not to, if you can help it


choose a love that won’t make your tears run wild
and your heart scream in pain
as if seared gently on both sides
in a frying pan
like a tuna steak
being prepped and sliced to go out to table five
where seven people will stuff it down
without a second thought


my compliments to the chef.


my period


Waxes and wanes


like the moon

Ebbs and flows like the tide
Blows and breathes like the wind
Undulates and swells like the earth
Peaks and troughs like a mountain
Rises and falls like a river
Rhymes and rhythms like all of the world

Checking in with the heart
should be
as second
as checking the lights
when we leave the house

Social media for the love sick


I read the stars this morning
and checked your social media page more times than I’d care to admit
a hunger within to taste something new
I scroll past days where I don’t yet exist
from another existence I’m still piecing together,
pausing over every picture
put up in pre-meditation or for validation
Coffees, selfies, books, a box of raisins
trying to make associations, creating collages inside my brain
hostage to pure fantasy situations in this tricky terrain
I feel your presence near my cheek
and your hot breath warming my ear
As I type words into a digital box, then quickly delete
and so it begins — writing, deleting, repeating
Writing, deleting, weeping
Writing deleting, creeping
A fleeting feeling that convinces me
our paths are somehow aligned, intertwined
That can of soda, that look, that touch
now just a runny mascara smudge
I can’t persuade your mind to want more
Even if our horoscopes say it’s so

Or maybe it isn’t

What’s the difference anyway


in pastel-like moonlight
above a crescent
lit, to show the starry night
i am awakening
to my purpose
with a soul on fire
and a heart splayed open
ready to receive the constellation of riches
i may be given
to serve others


It happened somewhere between 2021 and this plate of sushi
Or when you tossed the other half of your tuna sandwich in the bin that time
And it turned into a stinking mess
All of it
A big stinking mess around
The big blue calling out, crawling towards shorelines
Washing up animal debris
As a gift to humanity
Look, look what I’ve delivered, waves whisper. 
See the destruction shovelled into my waters
The unsolicited death that stains my wet skin crimson
I’ve brought it back to you
Moving gravestones of this genocide 
Swaying up and down, up and down on waves that whimper sadness
I may be wordless but I still feel pain
All of this

For a drive when your legs were too lazy, for a plane ride when your sea legs were too slow

For a moment of mindlessness when a rubbish bin was too far
For a slice of sashimi
or a salmon dinner cut open belly first and sliced past its lungs
Soon your beach holiday will be nothing more than a selfie

taken behind a garbage stack as you gasp for fresh air
Trick question
What do you call an ocean that’s no longer an ocean?
A salty, bloody bath full of plastic fish and rubber ducks

Was it worth it?




each time I show you
this fragile shard of glass
you pull it out,
and instead of blood runs love.


Your Voice


Your voice became part of my day
My fingers typed out messages the same way I would sleepwalk
to the fridge every evening past 9pm
and know exactly where the good stuff was in the back right hand corner
I hung on every word you said, a part of the jigsaw puzzle that made up your brain
I would take each piece and jam it in the holes, hoping each time it would fit
Some days we understand each other
in a way that feels like we have our own vernacular
like dolphins,
a hum of wordless whistles and clicks that
school us into believing this watery world we’ve created is real
and where five minutes can turn into two hours and 45 minutes
together time stands still and stillness is what waits
when you are no longer here
to keep diving into other oceans
with a mind to conquer every sea and coastline
so I took my phone, and blocked your trills

to stop you from entering the part of me
that’s still worth something


Daisy in Concrete

I’ve been growing a while now
My stem green and firm
Rising through this crack
As if I was meant to be here all along
I am but a common daisy
Easily found and plentiful come spring
Made into chains wrapped around cherubic heads
Or squashed by quick feet, unaware of the beauty
in my white and yellow hat
Nothing special
But here in this grey sea I am unique
Hardly as fresh or salubrious
as my companions amassed together in fields of gold
Picked for salads or admired as accessories
in photos, lipstick-kissed and snapped for Instagram
I am solo
A solitary soliloquy

Battle worn, but present
Bellis perrenis in all my glory

Bringing light to this forgotten corner